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    CARPAT GUARD offers video systems for the RESIDENTIAL and COMPANIES segment

    Do you want to protect your home or company premises, property? To have control of the entrances and exits of the building?

    Video surveillance systems are essential for your safety!

    Installation service surveillance cameras is among the most requested services. Our clients protect not only their goods and spaces, but, above all, they ensure their comfort and tranquility.

    Installing a video surveillance system saves you a lot of trouble. Once your video cameras are connected and monitored remotely by the CARPAT GUARD video dispatcher, any intruder is immediately identified.

    It is essential to turn to professionals for the installation of these systems as it is prohibited by law to install unlicensed surveillance cameras.

    The installation and configuration of the video systems is done by CARPAT GUARD's own technicians, approved and certified according to the legal regulations in force.


    Your camcorders are directly connected to HIKVISION CENTRAL - the latest video dispatch system with AI (artificial intelligence) software in the security market.

    For your safety, CARPAT GUARD has chosen the best!

    We can offer you a complete range of surveillance systems for your building and business, both interior and exterior in various configurations and technical specifications at the best costs.

    You can access the video cameras on your mobile phone via the internet.

    For the residential segment, these systems complement the alarm systems with motion/burglary sensors that are installed in your home.

    For business, you can opt for VIDEO MONITORING remotely generating superior real-time security settings at much lower costs.